Organometallic Standards

Below is a listing of our current Organometallic Standards. You may purchase by clicking here to Download Order Form. Organometallic standards are for the determination of wear metals in oil and lubricants. These standards are also available in matrices of Parafin, 20 Base Oil, Xylene, 75 Base Oil and Soy Bean Oil. Standards are shipped with Certificate of Analysis and SDS sheets and all have a shelf life of 12 months.

Single Element | Multiple Element

Analyte Concentration Part Number Price
Analyte Concentration Part Number Price
Aluminum (Al)1000 µg/gS2-Al-OM-1000x100Please Call
Antimony (Sb)1000 µg/gS2-Sb-OM-1000x100Please Call
Arsenic (As)50 µg/gS2-As-OM-1000x100Please Call
Barium (Ba)1000 µg/gS2-Ba-OM-1000x100Please Call
Beryllium (Be)1000 µg/gS2-Ba-OM-1000x100Please Call
Bismuth (Bi)1000 µg/gS2-Bi-OM-1000x100Please Call
Boron (B)1000 µg/gS2-B-OM-1000x100Please Call
Cadmium (Cd)1000 µg/gS2-Cd-OM-1000x100Please Call
Calcium (Ca)1000 µg/gS2-Ca-OM-1000x100Please Call
Cerium (Ce)1000 µg/gS2-Ce-OM-1000x100Please Call
Chromium (Cr)1000 µg/gS2-Cr-OM-1000x100Please Call
Cobalt (Co)1000 µg/gS2-Co-OM-1000x100Please Call
Copper (Cu)1000 µg/gS2-Cu-OM-1000x100Please Call
Indium (In)1000 µg/gS2-In-OM-1000x100Please Call
Iron (Fe)1000 µg/gS2-Fe-OM-1000x100Please Call
Lead (Pb)1000 µg/gS2-Pb-OM-1000x100Please Call
Lithium (Li)1000 µg/gS2-Li-OM-1000x100Please Call
Magnesium (Mg)1000 µg/gS2-Mg-OM-1000x100Please Call
Manganese (Mn)1000 µg/gS2-Mn-OM-1000x100Please Call
Mercury (Hg)50 µg/gS2-Hg-OM-50x100Please Call
Molybdenum (Mo)1000 µg/gS2-Mo-OM-1000x100Please Call
Nickel (Ni)1000 µg/gS2-Ni-OM-1000x100Please Call
Phosphorus (P)1000 µg/gS2-P-OM-1000x100Please Call
Potassium (K)1000 µg/gS2-K-OM-1000x100Please Call
Selenium (Se)50 µg/gS2-Se-OM-50x100Please Call
Silicon (Si)1000 µg/gS2-Si-OM-1000x100Please Call
Silver (Ag)1000 µg/gS2-Ag-OM-1000x100Please Call
Sodium (Na)1000 µg/gS2-Na-OM-1000x100Please Call
Tin (Sn)1000 µg/gS2-Sn-OM-1000x100Please Call
Titanium (Ti)1000 µg/gS2-Ti-OM-1000x100Please Call
Tungsten (W)1000 µg/gS2-W-OM-1000x100Please Call
Vanadium (V)1000 µg/gS2-V-OM-1000x100Please Call
Zinc (Zn)1000 µg/gS2-Zn-OM-1000x100Please Call